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Visual presentation has always hooked my eyes, and I believe that is true for most people. Dynamic and inspiring curiosity brings me to your stunning visual and graphic designs that you produce.

You are not a fan of big clunky TV screens blocking the view of your store or other display, or you have so many great items to show, people as well as having a show window for passersby.

You are frustrated that there is no neat, clean way to display store merchandise and keep your windows looking attractive with all the excellent design work you want to highlight.

Well, now there is; it is called Gauzy Liquid Crystal Glass. It is a film that permanently attaches to your glass storefronts that switch on and off in a heartbeat. It is just your ordinary glass with the power off, control it up, and your windows come alive with your passion for your products.

InterUrban Systems Inc. is also passionate in that way; we love to take the ordinary and help make it extraordinary. We first discovered Gauzy and were astounded by the myriad options it offered in so many unique fields: architectural, residential, offices, healthcare, hotels, and retail.

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