Laminated LCG® smart glass with Gauzy’s premium Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology allows glass to turn on, off, or anywhere in between in milliseconds for diverse light control applications. 

Convert standard glass into LCG®️ smart glass with Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) adhesive smart films designed to be retrofitted into an existing space for an instant upgrade. 

Gauzy on your storefronts to announcing your latest condo offerings, providing privacy in your boardroom with a flick of a switch. Privacy and open architecture in one device the Nurses need to see the patients and give the necessary privacy to treatments or discussions between Doctor and patient.

Anywhere you have a flat surface, it can be plastic or glass material; as long as it is a clear substate, we can attach Gauzy Liquid Crystal (LCG) Glass to the material. Then add a projector, and you can broadcast just about anything you can design in a visual format.

Switchable Smart Glass Film

In combination with technology, a display can show your customers a preview of what's inside and then transform back to a clear view of the store's merchandise. All without hanging a large format TV screen without the accommodating need for ceiling anchors, heat from the display and the cabling show out of the monitor's backside to clutter the appeal of the window displays.

That's right, using Gauzy allows you to have mannequins displayed in the window area and show the other stock on hand on the LCG attached to the glass on a schedule of your choosing. Creative designers are going to love this for their displays of your windows.

As for the condo marketers, Gauzy is the perfect medium to showcase your latest offerings; when the Sales office is closed, Gauzy can be there to highlight the unique features of the building visually when the office is unstaffed at the end of the day. In addition, people want to know about the buzz the presales are generating on social media. With some additional technology, smartphones can show what the view is like from each suite and add their names for a callback from the listing agents. So all while there is no staff there, you are still previewing and selling units.

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